We accept Adobe PDF (embed fonts and please don’t downsample).


Create your document at 100% of final size. If your application does not allow this, setup at 50% or 25%. Also include 0.25 inch bleed (at 100%) on all jobs. This is most important with scanned images.


We prefer that you convert all text to curves (outlines/paths) or please include screen and printer fonts with artwork.


We prefer high resolution pdf files or please use the “collect for output” or similar feature in your software to guarantee all necessary files are sent with the job (printer, screen fonts and art files).


Please specified colors using the PANTONE Matching System. For color-critical jobs, please send us a printed sample that we can use as a guide. Our mailing address is listed below. Color match accuracy will vary depending on color range (gamut) of printing method used and media. For maximum opaqueness use 4-color rich black ( C=50, M=50, Y=50, K=100)


Output Size / Input Size x Target Resolution = Scanning Resolution. Divide the target Output Size (size the scan will be at final size or scaled layout) by the size of the original area to be scanned (use corresponding horizontal or vertical measurements) and multiply by the target resolution (50-200 dpi at 100%).


Please call us at 860.627.8712 or send an email to receive instructions on how to upload/transfer to us large file sizes that are too big to submit through email.